Internal Family Systems Course

A 6-week Online Small Group Experience

Led by Christine Dixon

Next session: July 20 - August 24, 2023

Each Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00pm Central Time

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Are you wanting to learn how to connect to yourSelf and heal your inner wounds?


If you are interested in learning more about how to connect to the wisdom and compassion at your own core, and how to bring that Self-energy to every part of you, but you can't afford one-on-one therapy or coaching, this 6-week small group experience may be for you.

We will learn the basic roadmap of Internal Family Systems and begin practicing it in our own systems. Sessions will include teaching, guided meditations, (optional) sharing and demonstrations with volunteers.

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

With compassionate teaching and group support you'll find a brave space to connect with your Self.


Internal Family Systems Course and Small Group


My intention for these 6 weeks is to provide an intensive and intimate experience in which 10 people on a healing journey can learn and explore together how to find the source of healing within themselves.

Each week, I will send you a teaching video of an hour or less to prepare for that week's session. Then, we will meet together on Thursdays for Q&A, group exercises, and demos of the IFS model.

The course will be loosely based on the Self Therapy Workbook created by Bonnie Wiess. Purchasing and working through the workbook is encouraged (this is a separate cost) but is completely optional.

This is a closed group with a maximum of 10 members, so please only take a spot if you are able to attend all or most of the sessions. If you cannot attend a session, a recording will be available, but you will not recieve a refund.

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction to Internal Family Systems

Week 2: Accessing Parts, Unblending, Self-Leadership, and Concerned Parts

Week 3: Getting to Know Protectors, Developing Trust, and Self-Therapy Session Basics

Week 4: Getting Permission from Protectors, Getting to Know Exiles, and (Childhood) Origins

Week 5: Reparenting, Retrieving, and Unburdening Exiles; and Integrating Protectors

Week 6: Ending a Session, Working with a Partner, IFS in Relationships, and Polarized Parts




includes all 6 sessions

  • Weekly 2-hour Small Group Sessions
  • Weekly Teaching Videos
  • Guided Meditations and Self-Healing Exercises
  • Demos with Volunteers
  • Access to Custom Worksheets
  • Midweek Group Check-In Email Chain
  • Recordings of All Sessions



Once you have completed the 6-week IFS Course, you will be invited to join an ongoing, larger IFS Support Group that meets every Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:30pm Central Time. This group is based on a monthly membership of just $20/month and provides a weekly opportunity to practice IFS in a supportive community.


"With IFS and Christine's guidance, I am more Self led which has a natural healing effect. Being Self led allowed me to heal old traumas that were still affecting my life today. Christine has created this space that allowed me to feel safe, seen, and heard in a way I never had before."


"IFS, and Christine 's facilitation and clear explanation of it, have been so empowering for me. Discovering the healing potential of IFS has been like breaking a spell and seeing clearly after years of darkness."


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