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What if loving all the parts inside yourself is practice for loving all the parts/people outside yourself?

Christine Dixon

Hi, I'm Christine Dixon

Founder of The Ordinary Sacred


This is my Story


I am a wounded healer, passing on the wisdom and practical tools that have helped me heal. In my twenty years as an Educational Therapist, I used my students' strengths to approach their challenges and treated them as infinitely valuable and integrated individuals. Yet, I was not able to do that for myself until I went through a level of loss and disillusionment that challenged my conditioned programming and broke me open.

After ten years of dysfunction, codependency, and abuse, I had the courage to leave my first marriage. A year later, my first husband died by suicide. I spent years before and after my first husband's death, healing and practicing mental and emotional health strategies.


Eventually, I attracted a partner on the same path and currently have a loving and secure marriage. But, four years ago, the anger and fear I had suppressed manifested in my body, and I was hospitalized repeatedly. During my year-long recovery, I observed just how integrated my mind and body truly are.

I have gone through disillusionment with every form of external authority - education, religion, family, medicine, government, media - and have discovered the art of connecting to my own internal wisdom.

I am trained by Martha Beck as a Wayfinder Life Coach, and am passionate about using compassionate and highly effective tools, such as Internal Family Systems and Nonviolent Communication, to bring healing and freedom to as many people as possible. 


I offer both group coaching and one-on-one coaching. I provide strategies and tools that empower you on your own journey toward physical and mental health and help you heal trauma through compassionate witness.

I know that, with daily attention to your mind and body, you, too, can heal yourself!

Heal your Inner Family!

Find the resources that are right for you.

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IFS  and Inner Wisdom Resources

Gain access to 12 IFS guided meditations, 16 IFS and Inner Wisdom worksheets, or an Ordinary Sacred Self-Healer's Card Deck that includes 52 Two-minute exercises to develop trust in your Self.

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Weeky IFS Support Groups

Join a group of Self-healers using Internal Family Systems to give and receive compassionate witness. We meet every Tuesday from 1-2:30pm Central Time (please adjust to your time zone). I will often guide the group in an IFS meditation or exercise then facilitate sharing FOR our parts and Self-led feedback. If you are unable to make the Live session, replays are available to members. There is also a midweek support email thread. Access to this group is available via Patreon and costs $20/month. To sign up, press the link below.

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A Note from Christine

Dear Prospective Coaching Client,

I am a wounded healer helping bring other wounded healers into the house of love so that, together, we can heal the world. My hope is to help guide you toward your wise and loving core Self. Then, your Self can love all your tired and wounded parts back to wholeness. You'll find that you are the one you've been waiting for!

In coaching sessions, we will likely use the effective and compassionate healing method of Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help you identify the protective and wounded parts within your system and to build a relationship between them and your Self. We will practice using your Self as a resource to heal your burdened parts and mediate between polarized parts until these unburdened parts can be a resource supporting your Self-led system. The biproducts of IFS are:
* inner harmony and wholeness
* a deep knowledge of your intrinsic worth
* increased energy, creativity, clarity, and freedom
* trust in your Self to handle problems and conflicts
* a capacity to set healthy boundaries and be open and loving in relationships

Periodically we may also use other inner wisdom tools such as Nonviolent Communication (A needs-based communication system that is essentially an IFS approach on the outside with the people in your life), the Body Compass and Emotional Guidance System, or Dream Analysis (decoding the benevolent messages of your subconscious). I will use these tools if/when they seem valuable.

The frequency of our sessions is up to you and your needs, though I generally do not work with clients more than twice a month. We can meet regularly to connect with your inner family or you can schedule a session periodically to help support your own personal inner work. I trust you to know if/when/how often you need support at any given period in your life. You are also welcome to join my weekly IFS Support Groups, if you'd like to connect to others doing this healing work.

I look forward to connecting with you!

With love,

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